Online Casinos in New Zealand

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History of New Zealand Gambling Laws

In New Zealand, all gambling activities were made illegal in the Gambling Act introduced in 1908. And, it remained so until 1960 when horse race betting was made legal. In 1994, casinos and other kinds of gambling became fully legal, and the first casino was opened in the country. Today, players from New Zealand can join online casinos, so check out legal casinos to play at

  1. Gambling Act of 1908 saw the banning of gambling activities
  2. The Gaming and Lottery Act was passed in 1977
  3. In 1990, the Casino Act was passed

Gambling in New Zealand was reviewed and the Gambling Act of 2003 was birthed. The Act saw to the update and replacement of the standing gambling act, and in the act, all gambling activities were combined. A few years later, in 2005, the Gambling Amendment Act was introduced to New Zealand gambling scene. And, the Act was introduced to improve the 2003 Gambling Act.

Online Casino License and Regulation in New Zealand

According to the new Gambling Act, online casinos are not eligible to obtain an operating license from the commission. This is because only land-based casinos are eligible to operate in the country so that all proceedings can go to the government. But, some online casinos that allow Kiwis to create an account and play for real money make use of reputable licenses you can trust.

Although the regulation states that gambling remotely is prohibited, players still have access to several online casinos licensed and regulated outside the country. Some of the top licensing and regulatory bodies players in New Zealand can trust are the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission. Additionally, there are other authorities and commission you can also count on like the Swedish Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Authority and more.

New Zealand Gambling Regulatory Body

In New Zealand, gambling activities are controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. And, in the country, the Gambling Acts were created so that the Government can profit from the industry. For this reason, licenses are not granted to online casino operators, and only land-based casinos are allowed to operate. Also, you must be above 20 years before you can be eligible to play at any casino.

In addition to this, an independent statutory body was established with the Gambling Act created in 2003. This authority is known as New Zealand Gambling Commission and the commission is in charge of casino licensing applications. Also, the commission appeals on enforcement and licensing decisions that were made concerning non-gambling activities and gaming machines by the Secretary of Internal Affairs in the country.


Additional Information and Responsible Gambling

Online gambling has certainly become very popular but there are still regions and countries such as New Zealand that are yet to legalize them. However, players do not have any problem playing games for real money at overseas online casinos. But it is recommended that you only choose an online casino with a reputable license and is operated under a reliable authority.

  • New Zealand has 6 major land-based casinos
  • There are no online casinos currently operating in the country

Additionally, there are different bodies set up by the Government to assist players with gambling issues. That way, every gambler in the country can maintain a level of responsible gambling that will cub the risks that come with gambling addictions and other issues. Also, if you choose to play at a top online casino, you will find different communities and activities that can help with addictions and the like.

Summary and Final Verdict

Gambling Laws in New Zealand have been around for a long time and it has seen different updates and improvements over the years. However, online gambling and casinos are still labelled illegal in the country. Nonetheless, players still have the chance to join the vast majority of players who enjoy playing at online casinos since there are several casinos that accept players from the country.

All in all, online gambling is beginning to become popular in New Zealand and recently there has been public consultation launched by the Government to look into online casinos. So, there is the possibility that online casinos will have the chance to get licensed and operate fully in the country. Until then, players can only join online casinos operated outside the country.